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Check In - After 2:00PM - Before 4:30 PM

Please pick up your keys at Atlantis Realty located at 5604 Pacific Avenue, Wildwood Crest, NJ.

Please bring a copy of your lease and photo I.D. for verification purposes.

Keys will be available at 2 pm.

Check Out - 10:00 AM – no exceptions

Please drop your keys off at Atlantis Realty located at 5604 Pacific Avenue, Wildwood Crest, NJ.

Occupancy Limit

The Tenant may use the property for the purpose of he/she’s vacation rental. Sub-letting this rental property is illegal and loss of your security deposit will be immediate as well as possible future legal ramifications from variance of the agreed contract. The Tenant may remain in and use the property without interference subject to the terms of the lease. Exceeding the above occupancy or causing or allowing undue noise or disturbances shall be cause for immediate eviction.

Sight Unseen Rentals:

Every property is privately owned and reflects the needs and tastes of its Owners. We advise you to tour the property in advance if you have specific personal requirements or are concerned with quality. We will be UNABLE TO MAKE SUBSTITUTIONS OR REFUNDS UPON ARRIVAL. Atlantis Realty strongly recommends you personally inspect any property prior to signing a legally binding lease to be sure it meets your requirements. If you decide not to personally inspect the property, you agree to be bound by the terms of the lease as if you had. Atlantis Realty cannot make any guarantees as to your approval of accommodations made by internet phone or mail. Atlantis Realty is acting as Agent only and shall not be liable for the fulfillment of any terms of the lease. It is recommended that anyone signing a lease should personally inspect the property prior to signing a lease.


Tenants are required to leave the property in a cleaning-ready condition in preparation for the owner's cleaning service. Drop your rental key off at our office on the way out of town after check out. Prior to your arrival each unit will have been professionally cleaned. If you choose to hire a cleaning service, we will provide you with names and phone numbers of acceptable cleaning services in our area.

When checking-out of your rental please be considerate of the next family and be sure the following items are completed.

All properties must be left in cleaning ready condition.
1. Make all beds (remove sheets) and fold blankets.
2. Empty dishwasher and put all dishes back in there appropriates place.
3. Wipe surfaces in all rooms including, but not limited to, kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, and bedrooms.
4. Remove excess sand.
5. Lower deck umbrellas.
6. Empty and remove all trash from the property. Be sure to separate recyclables. Trash days should be posted in your Vacation Home, if not, please call our office and we will provide the appropriate trash removal days.
7. Remember to remove all personal items. We are not responsible for any lost, stolen or forgotten items left in the property. Landlord DOES NOT carry insurance covering loss to any of the Tenants belongings. Tenant has total responsibility for securing protection against loss by fire or other cause to Tenant’s belongings.
8. Leave the property in a tidy condition.
9. You are not required to scrub floors or toilets.

What To Bring:

Linens and towels are not provided.

Sheets, pillowcases, pool / beach towels, bath towels, laundry detergent, dish detergent, toilet paper, trash bags, soap, shampoo, paper plates and napkins. Please review your inventory of supplied bedding to ensure you adequately size your sheets. If your family enjoys cooking; remember to bring your favorite spaghetti/crab pot or crock-pot. Basic utensils, pots and pans, glasses and dishes will be provided for the specific property occupancy limit.

Check In Inspection of Rental Property:

I waive my right, as laid out in my agreement with the credit agency/bank through which I have prepaid monies to Atlantis Realty to request a refund of said monies in all cases except the following:

1. Upon arrival at the contracted property at the contracted time, as described in this lease, the said property is considered by myself and Atlantis Realty to be uninhabitable and the situation is unable to be rectified to the standards advertised and set forth in this lease after Atlantis Realty has made every reasonable effort to correct such conditions.
2. The transaction(s) by which said monies were prepaid to Atlantis Realty are found to have been made fraudulently.


The Tenant agrees to pay rent, related fees and security deposit as required by the schedule shown below:

Within sixty (60) Calendar Days of Arrival Date –In order to confirm your preferred vacation rental unit, full payment of the calculated total on your rental confirmation will be due at the time of confirming your reservation by using any major credit card on our website. All payments are considered non refundable and portions thereof will be issued in accordance with the cancellation policy listed in this information.

Outside of sixty (60) Calendar Days of Arrival Date- In order to confirm your preferred vacation rental unit one-half or fifty percent of the total rent – including property rent, security deposit, and administrative fees on your rental confirmation will be due at the time of confirming your reservation by using any major credit card on our secure website. Any rental balance (including security deposits) must be paid within sixty (60) calendar days prior to arrival date. All payments are considered non refundable and portions thereof will be issued in accordance with the cancellation policy listed in this information. If not paying by credit card, please send a check equaling the amount of one-half of the rent, plus the administrative fee and security deposit made payable to and return along with a signed copy of your lease to Atlantis Realty located at 5604 Pacific Avenue, Wildwood Crest, NJ.

Security Deposit:

A $350.00 minimum security deposit is required on all rentals, it is the obligation of the Tenant to surrender the unit in good clean condition by the time specified in the Agreement; normal wear and tear is expected. Tenant’s shall pay for any damage or undue unclean condition to the unit caused during their possession. Possession shall include common areas in the case of a condominium or townhouse. In the event of no deposit or insufficient deposit, the Tenant’s agrees to pay for damage or unclean condition, or be willfully sued. Security deposits will be returned within thirty (30) days of lease expiration by mail, if the rental unit is left in a satisfactory condition (no damages), keys are returned and items such as trash and recycling have been handled in accordance with local municipal laws. All security deposits are held in trust by Atlantis Realty located at 5604 Pacific Avenue, Wildwood Crest, NJ. Should a Landlord feel the need to withhold a security deposit for a specific reason(s), we at Atlantis Realty would like both parties to understand our procedure for handling security deposit holds: Landlord -Within 3 days of check out, we require immediate notification via phone or email of a pending security hold and the reason(s) for this hold (*It is important that you make your cleaners aware of this so that they notify you promptly!) Landlord - Within 10 days of check out a Landlord must send to our attention via email or postal service a “specific subjective list” in writing detailing the nature of the security hold along with pictures. Agent -We will convey immediately to the Landlord this “specific subjective list” in writing while acting as the intermediary between Landlord and Tenant in hopes of bringing the circumstance to conclusion. However, agent shall not be held liable for any obligation under NJSA 46:8-19 through 26 entitled security deposit law. Tenant’s - Once you receive a “specific subjective list”, you will be expected to respond in writing via email. If you do not respond within ten days, your deposit will be forfeited to the Homeowner. Failure to follow the above timelines by either party will result in normal release of the deposit. Atlantis Realty can only assist in this process and will not be expected to provide legal advice. Atlantis Realty will not be held liable or accountable by either party for performing our stated policy of returning security deposits within 30 days of check out following a Tenant’s departure date. Should either party feel the need for legal representation either party has the right to do so. Atlantis Realty is acting only as Agent and is not responsible for the acts of either Tenant or Landlord. By acceptance of the deposit with this lease, owner agrees to pay Atlantis Realty a professional service fee for this lease or any further lease with this tenant with in a twenty four (24) month period.

NOTE: Evidence of a pet on the premises may result in immediate eviction.

Cancellation Policy:

A Reservation cannot transfer dates or properties once confirmed. These changes will be treated as a cancellation and will fall under the following cancellation policy: If a reservation is cancelled, no refunds can be made until the property has been re-rented and confirmed. If the property is not re-rented, Tenant's entire advance rent amount must be forfeited.

In order to cancel your reservation the following must be adhered to: A formal request to cancel writing must be submitted to: Atlantis Realty located at 5604 Pacific Avenue, Wildwood Crest, NJ. The deposit will be returned ONLY if we are able to re-rent the home for the same period and rent. The Administrative fee is non-refundable.

Refunds will be mitigated as follows:

Total Rental Amount less 100% Administrative Fee, less 100% Commission, less $100.00 Processing Fee.

Refunds will be processed one week following the original confirmed rental dates. Refunds related to inclement weather or acts of God will not be accommodated. Deposit will be returned ONLY if we are able to re-rent the home for the same period and rent. The Administrative fees and commissions is non-refundable.


New construction is a part of the Wildwoods. If your property is located near new construction, please be understanding. No refunds or moves will be made.


All tenants must abide by the Rules and Regulations of the owner and/or any Association’s rules and regulations. Each home has a maximum occupancy limit listed on the web site and must be adhered to at all times. Any tenant, who exceeds this maximum occupancy limit and or disturbs the quiet enjoyment of others, is found in an illegal act or is found damaging common elements will be asked to leave without incident or be evicted immediately, both without refund of payment.


Sorry, Pets are NOT permitted except in those listings allowing pets. Anyone found with pets of any kind in any unit will be asked to leave without incident or be evicted immediately, both without refund of rent, administrative fees and security deposit. No Pets At Any Time.


Parking may or may not be provided. If parking is provided, please be sure to comply with all local ordinances and posted Association rules and regulations. Atlantis Realty will not be responsible for parking tickets or towing fines.

Appliances and Furnishings:

All properties are decorated and furnished according to each owner’s discretion. TV's, appliances, Air Conditioning, and all other amenities, are not guaranteed, and, refunds will not be given due to breakdown. Repairs will be made as soon as possible.

Phone service:

Phones may not be provided. Please be sure to bring your cell phone along for emergency purposes.


Please report any necessary repairs to our office immediately between the hours of 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.. Atlantis Realty is not responsible for any maintenance or repair of the rental unit and any such obligations or issues are solely the responsibility of the Tenant and Landlord. Landlord agrees to do this in a timely fashion. We do offer suggestions of repair/service people should Landlord require them, but remedying the situation and satisfying the vendor monetarily is the sole responsibility of the Landlord. If a Landlord cannot be reached, the Landlord agrees that Atlantis Realty will remedy the issue and deduct the expense accordingly from rental payments.

Trash Removal:

Tenants are responsible for separations of recyclable material as follows: Glass, Aluminum and Plastics in 1 container. Clean Paper (newspapers, magazines, etc.) in Brown Bags and all other trash in a separate container. Landlord will provide containers with lids (recycling is mandated by the State of New Jersey and will be strictly enforced). If any fines are levied by the City to the property address during your rental period, the tenants shall be responsible for such fines and notwithstanding any court costs, shall be deducted from the security deposit.

Entry by Landlord:

Upon reasonable notice the Landlord/Broker may enter the property to provide services, inspect and/or make necessary repairs. In case of emergency or the Tenant’s absence, the Landlord/Broker may enter the property without the Tenant’s consent. If the property is listed for sale, the Broker may ask to view the property with a prospect. Any such showing will be at the sole discretion of the Tenant.

Hold Harmless:

Tenant and Landlord hereby release, indemnify and hold Realtor harmless with respect to any and all damages caused to the leased premises by tenant or third parties as well as any and all claims by Tenant and/or Landlord relating to the leasehold.


Atlantis Realty is acting as a transaction agent only and does not warrant nor guarantee specific performance of any lease. We reserve the right to decline offering a rental to anyone misrepresenting themselves in any fashion. At times, due to reasons beyond ours or the Landlord control, a comparable unit may be offered to a tenant should the unit become unavailable including but not limited to a double booking, death of a Landlord or foreclosure. Realtors reserve the right to show the home with adequate notice to the renting family if the unit is listed for sale.


All keys held by tenant are to be returned to Atlantis Realty at the termination of this lease. There is a $20 charge for each set of keys not returned. This will be deducted from your security deposit if you do not produce keys after notification.

Office Hours:

9:00AM- 5:00PM- Monday thru Saturday.


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